The damn thing finally got me.

While we will never know for sure, our best guess is that my husband and I were exposed at some point during a full day of air travel. It was a Saturday, and the airports were packed. Whenever we were around people and not eating, we wore masks. About 95 percent of the people around us didn’t.

We felt fine on Sunday and Monday. In fact, I had lunch with a colleague on Monday—and that night, four of our friends came over for dinner.

Tuesday morning, I woke up with a sore throat. I didn’t think much of it—due to allergies, I regularly have a mildly sore throat—until my husband told me that he, too, had a sore throat, and felt like he was “coming down with something.” So we broke out the at-home COVID-19 tests.

The positive line appeared almost instantly on mine. To double-check things (I thought perhaps I placed too many drops on the indicator), I took a second one, of a different brand. It, too, came up positive. (Interestingly, my husband tested negative with the at-home test; he was able to get a PCR test later that day at CVS. The results arrived the next day—confirming he, too, was positive.)

The phone calls to my colleague with whom I had lunch, and the friends with whom we had dinner, were not fun. I felt guilty, like I had done something wrong. They assured me I had not.

Later on Tuesday, I started to feel like crap. By Tuesday night, I had a 101.3 degree fever and felt terrible. As I tried to go to sleep, my eyes burned, as if I’d rubbed them after slicing up a jalapeno. I couldn’t believe this was a COVID-19 thing … but sure enough, it can be.

As I went to bed Tuesday night, I was concerned about my ability to get this issue to press by our Thursday evening deadline. Thankfully, the brain fog I had at times Tuesday was gone on Wednesday.

As I write this Thursday morning, my husband and I are both managing. This now feels like an average cold to me; it feels a little worse to my hubby. I am petrified to think how this may have gone had I not been vaccinated and boosted, and had my husband not been vaccinated and double-boosted.

By now, most Americans have had COVID-19—and a whole lot of us will get it again, because the new omicron subvariants are quite contagious, and very good at evading immunity. According to Palm Springs wastewater tests, virus levels have been very high now for two full months.

Be safe. Get boosted. And you may want to consider wearing a mask when you’re indoors and surrounded by a lot of people.

As always, thanks for reading—and be sure to pick up the July 2022 print edition of the Coachella Valley Independent, on stands now.

Note: This is a slightly edited version of the editor’s note that appeared in the July 2022 print edition. Much of this column was originally published online in the June 23 Indy Digest.

Jimmy Boegle

Jimmy Boegle is the founding editor and publisher of the Coachella Valley Independent. He is also the executive editor and publisher of the Reno News & Review in Reno, Nev. A native of Reno, the Dodgers...

3 replies on “A Note From the Editor: After Almost 2 1/2 Years, COVID-19 Finally Got Me”

  1. I’m always sorry when I read about someone having Covid 19. That damn pandemic is driving us all to perdition. Although many of our friends had it, as did my husband, never did. I attribute it to the fact that I seldom get sick, no a sniffles except for allergy to pollen and the constant dust, never a case of flu, never stomach flu either, yet I’ve been exposed to Swine flu during 2 weeks in Mazatlán (he caught I didn’t), he gets a bad cold after every flight (I don’t and haven’t had a cold in over 45 years. Of course, I get vaccinated annually and have had the 3 Covid shots, yet he has to. I hope you both recover fast without complications.

  2. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks, your July 2022 print edition was wonderful reading. And ironic too. I brought it with me last week to have something to read while being examined at Desert Oasis Immediate Care. I had just read your opening line – “The damn thing finally got me” – when the exam door opened and the doctor came in and told me, “You just tested positive.” He was amazed when I started to chuckle, because the thought that went through my mind at that moment was: Now I have something else in common with Jimmy besides music and astronomy!
    I’m much better now, and I hope you and your husband are too. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, Denis! Glad to hear you’re better. Other than an occasional persisting cough, we’re better as well.

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