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Independent by the Numbers

(As of Nov. 14, 2020)

6,201: Number of articles published (since Oct. 25, 2012).

88: The number of print editions published (since April 2013: 86 monthlies, and two quarterlies).

4: The number of national journalism awards won by the Independent. (The 2015 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Award for arts feature, third place; the 2017 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Award for column writing, first place; the 2018 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Award for beat reporting, third place; the 2019 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Award for column writing, honorable mention).

2: The number of employees the Independent has. (Yeah, we do a lot with a little.)

20: The number of regular-ish contributors the Independent has. (And they’re amazing.)