So I was sitting at home on Sunday night. I had been talking to Independent editor Jimmy Boegle the last couple of weeks about whether or not I was going to keep writing stupid movie reviews after all this shit went down. My reviews ran in two other newspapers; one ceased publication, and the other said, “Hey, we ain’t got no dough for your verbal spew at the moment; hang tight!” So I’ve just sort of been taking a break and considering the retirement of my critic’s pen.

Then I saw Louis C.K. had a new comedy special streaming on his website, and I said, “Ahh … fuck it. I’ll keep writing this bullshit if Jimmy is willing to publish it. It gives me something to do besides staring at the dog in my apartment and continuing to wonder when I will be able to go to a gas station again without risking death.”

The special, available for $7.99 at, is called Sincerely, Louis C.K.—and if you think he is all worried about watching his choice of topics because of that trouble he got into, then you don’t know Louis C.K.

The man holds nothing back, and I mean nothing: dead babies, pedophilia, rescue dogs, Auschwitz, the mentally handicapped as portrayed by Shaun Cassidy, and, yes, his tendency to wank in front of people are all topics on display here. Somehow, this psycho nut of a human being makes it all not just funny, but funnier than anything you’ve heard in, certainly, the last couple of months.

Let’s face it: We can all use a good laugh, and this provides laughs with that same, sicko edge that all of Louis C.K.’s comedy has—that little, “Oh, you shouldn’t say that!” twist that you either love or hate.

Yes, what he did was inexcusable, and if you’re not comfortable watching him, that’s understandable. But if you need laughs, and are OK with having the shit shocked out of you via a comedian’s talking face, go ahead and partake. If you are easily offended, go ahead and partake anyway.

Sincerely, Louis C.K. is currently streaming via