Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz in Revenge.

Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz is dynamite as Jen, mistress to Richard (Kevin Janssens), a rich man with a fancy house in the middle of the desert, in the film Revenge. Jen and Richard are enjoying a romantic getaway when Richard’s hunting buddies (Vincent Colombe and Guillaume Bouchède) show up early—and immediately commence ogling Jen.

After a night of partying and some seductive dancing by all, Jen passes out in the bedroom. Richard goes away to take care of some business for a couple of hours, and that’s all the time a friend needs to assault Jen. Upon Richard’s return, rather than helping Jen, he escalates the situation—until Jen winds up impaled on a tree at the bottom of a cliff.

Where the story goes from here is where the movie gets its name; director Coralie Fargeat isn’t interested in Jen simply getting away. She patches herself up and gets herself a gun; when the boys hunt for her after her body goes missing, major, messy bloodletting ensues.

Lutz takes her character from eye candy to kickass female avenger, and her every moment onscreen declares her a star. Janssens makes a fascinatingly horrible enemy, as does Colombe as the moron who crosses the line with Jen and unleashes the fury. Jen is super-hot and super-fit; the woman has been to the gym, and she will go Rambo on your ass if you wrong her. And, boy, does she ever go Rambo on their asses. The results are pretty unforgettable, and Lutz puts up one of the more memorable performances of the year.

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