Dear Mexican: I need to know: Why do salvatruchas think they are superior to every Mexican and Guatemalan in every way?

I go to a community college in the San Fernando Valley that is infested with them, and the way they portray Mexicans to other people makes me angry. Sometimes, I would like to tell them about the bad and nasty crap they have done since the urban terrorist organization, MS-13, destroyed the Hispanic community even worse. Now some of us Mexicans are leaving places and migrating to other parts of Southern California.

I know that some police at the southern border of Mexico have treated Salvadorans like shit, but that is no reason for them to chingar con los Mexicans’ reputation. It’s hard enough with some of the prejudices we mojados confront every day, but to have another Hispanic culture mess it up even more? Tell me: What is wrong with those guys?

Mixed Mexican of Sherman Oaks

Dear Pocho: Do you realize you just wrote for me a Mad Libs of assimilation that people can apply to any successful immigrant group in America ever? I’m ever-grateful! Here, lemme show you:

I need to know: Why do (newest immigrant group) think they are superior to every (assimilated ethnic group) and (another assimilated ethnic group) in every way?

I go to a (workplace or business) in the (old municipal stronghold of assimilated ethnic group) that is infested with (newest immigrant group), and the way they portray (assimilated ethnic group) to other people makes me angry. Sometimes, I would like to tell them about the bad and nasty crap they have done since the (gang or national movement associated with newest immigrant group) destroyed the (assimilated ethnic group) community even worse. Now some of us (assimilated ethnic group) are leaving places and migrating to other parts of (suburbs of old municipal stronghold of assimilated ethnic group).

I know that (some situation involving assimilated ethnic group) have treated (newest immigrant group) like shit, but that is no reason for them to chingar con los (assimilated ethnic group’s) reputation. It’s hard enough with some of the prejudices we (former derogatory nickname for assimilated ethnic group that they appropriated and now use as a term of endearment for each other—but woe to anyone else who uses it) confront every day, but to have another (newest immigrant group) mess it up even more? Tell me: What is wrong with those guys?

So, to recap: Salvadorans hate Mexicans because we hated Salvadorans, just like Irish hate Italians because Italians hated the Irish. How about we break that cycle? This Mexican did!

Dear Mexican: I went to a Mexican birthday party at my neighbor’s house a few weeks ago for their daughter, who just turned 6 years old. I was surprised when I was the only guest who bought her a toy. All she got was a bunch of clothes. I don’t know any white 6-year-olds who would WANT clothes for their birthday. What’s up with that?

Confused in Texas

Dear Gabacho: No kids of any culture want clothes as a regalo, period. But Mexican adults know niños grow super-fast, so they give ropa as presents to help others with the cost of living. This custom ends with adolescence, when people start giving Mexican teens condoms—or rather, they should …

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8 replies on “Dear Mexicans: Why Do Salvadorans Hate Mexicans So Much?”

  1. I think your question should be asked the other way around. Why do mexicans feel superior to other latinos especially central Americans? It’s mexicans who treat central american migrants horribly and exploit them while traveling thru mexixo. Its mexicans who bullied salvadorans into creating Mara Salvatrucha. It’s mexicans who display ultra nationalism (viva mexico bullshit) while disrespecting salvadorans. It’s mexicans who you find talking trash on blogs, facebook, youtube comments against anything regarding our culture. Its mexicans who chant ehhh puuuto against other nations goalies. I can go all day but you get the picture. It’s mexicans extreme nationalism and pride vs Salvadorans tough attitudes that create fights. We dont take shit from people and certain mexicans who feel above us cant take it. Look at on the internet who dont mexicans like to insult? Common targets El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, USA,Cuba,Peru. Given the reasons below one could understand why salvadorans and many other latinos come to dislike mexicans. Where i live we outnumber mexicans, and they are rare here. I dated many mexicans and generally have had good relationships with mexicans and respect their culture. Maybe they would be louder if they outnumbered us here. But even the lone mexican guy at my job is always talking bad about El salvador, puerto rico and dominican republic and likes to say mexico is number one haha.

  2. I’m Black and Salvadorian but people don’t KNOW that, they think I’m mixed. I’ve heard so many Mexicans talking soooooo much shit about Salvadorians, and other Latin American countires. They think they are superior… Ha why? Because the food? The cholos? La chancla? The candy? The population? I don’t fucking know, but this shit is annoying and petty af. They starting to act like high class white people. No offence… Why can’t we just work through this together as hispanics?? We already got a lot of problems as it is.

  3. First of all, Mexico i s areal country. Meaning it has a solid verifiable history, culture, business, and is populated by very productive people.

    I’ve been with a Salvadorian for 20 years. Here is my comparison:


    – Super hard working people.
    – Fairly humble.
    – God fearing
    – lots of productive businesses.
    – Endless resources.
    – History.

    El Salvador:

    – Crime
    – Murder
    – Woman abuse
    – tax mooching
    – gangs
    – drug dealing
    – Domestic violence
    – Domineering mothers
    – Fatherless families.

  4. I think we are misunderstood. I am very proud to be Mexican, just like everyone we do not acknowledge other peoples feelings. We throw our pride in people faces. The love we have for our country is a reflection of our selves. It is beautiful to love our race and be proud of it. When coming to the U.S. I was baffled to learn other hispanics only want to speak English and be racist towards their own kind and other hispanics. I have suffered a lot just like every country. This hatred is a two way, I had experienced racism from Salv’s and from South American countries, example colombians. They look down to Mexicans, and all we can do is brush it off and continue to be proud of our Country. People will love us, because how true we are to ourselves. Half the hispanics in the U.S have turned thier backs to their own kind, we embrace ourselves. This might seem a little cocky to you, but again we are happy being Mexican, there is nothing wrong with that. If we can all open our minds. Yes, I know Mexicans are racist to central americans, BUT you cannot say this is the only reason you hate Mexicans, because EVERYONE hates on someone for no apparent reason. There is hate Puerto Ricans with Domicans ….etc..The Mexicans i have lived with accept everyone, and doesnt see anything wrong, but when you meet someone who hates your race, what do you you see the chain ? Salvoridas come to Mexico to cross the boarder and when they get to the U.S they act like they came to the U.S legally and trash on Mexicans, just remember we are all here with sharing the same goals…no one is better than anyone.. learn to accept Mexicans will embrace you if you learn to embrace yourself and others.

  5. are yall talking about! Centris always have a bad taste in our mouths..why? Because our culture LITERALLY has it all..from food/drinks/lavish/exotic/luxurious lands and waters,AMAZING NEVER ENDING CULTURE HISTORY/7th wonder of the world/grammy award winning actors and actresses/musicians/top 3 MOST beautiful flag in the world/MOST visited in Latin America/Oscar winning directors/Centris LOVE our telenovelas etc!im with a PR girl (3 years what problems are you talking about kid) We dont have beef with

  6. I think is mostly because mexico is more a successful country in many areas. Soccer for example, mexicans always beat salvadorians in soccer, mexico has more to offer to us than them, we got tequila, food, music, you name it, we got it. Also, racist people call all hispanics mexican, so they might not like it. They are inferior and will blame mexicans for their inferiority

  7. Joes comment on a list of comparisons of Salvadoreños and Mexicans is just plain stupid.

    What an idiotic thing to do: to pigeonhole Salvadorian people to be problematic with crime, murder, fatherless dad, drug dealing? Excuse me, but as far as Im concerned, Mexico has this too.

    To imply that Salvadorians do not offer: being humble, hardworking and everything else you listed for Mexico alone is very a very ignorant.

    Joe, your opinion is the reason we cant as latinos and hispanos move forward to better support one another. Because according to your comparison, one is better than the other. I feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

  8. I’m half Salvi and Colombian. I dont hate Mexicans neither does the regular Salvadoran or colombian. Who cares about our differences. But I do hate hypocrisy and cruelty. If you know Salvi culture and history you’ll know that in El Salvador theres a Mexican plaza, Mexican restaurants, Mexican television shows, and even a city called Mejicanos. All honoring Mexican culture and our indigenous history. Yes we are also Aztec and Mayan too by blood. A lot of Mexican people both in Mexico and in America choose to ignore, maybe out of convenience, about the dangerous trip to get to America. The trip comes with a dangerous cost. Crossing Mexico can come with extortion, rape, theft and countless other criminal activity caused by historically known Mexican bandits. Crime isnt new in Mexico. The world knows it. Yes these central and south American immigrants choose to take that risk. We pay the coyote and we pay for necessities in Mexico to contribute to Mexican economy. Nothing is free.But that’s not the point. Its the treatment that you never forget. Especially when you admire Mexico only to be disrespected crossing Mexico and arriving to already established Mexican/Chicano barrios where the prejudice is no better towards the new immigrants. That’s why there’s trash talking. It’s not in vein. Its 100% resentment. Are all Mexicans bad people, hell no neither are all central or south Americans. I love my Mexican friends,food and women. Mexican culture has penetrated in central and south American culture. We have learned so much about Mexican culture because you are the majority. Like any other person from a different nationality, disrespect and hate can not be tolerated and we respond just like any Mexican would. We love our culture too my friends. I think this is the real issue we are all facing. We are so prideful to be where we are from that we push others away sometimes. We compare and we judge others as if we are better. In the work place we compete against one another for jobs and housing. This is our failure. We slander one another to get what we want or selected. We need to grow as hispanic people.

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