Barbara Crampton in We Are Still Here.

We Are Still Here is a haunted-house story that plays like a film made many years ago. That’s due in part to a cast that includes Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), Larry Fessenden (Session 9) and Monte Markham (The Love Boat).

It’s also due in part to the fact that writer-director Ted Geoghegan did an exemplary job of putting a movie together that has a look and feel of something that would have played as a double-feature with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre back in the day.

Crampton plays a woman who moves into an old house with her husband (Andrew Sensenig) after the death of their son. Soon, Crampton’s character notices a “presence” that she thinks is the spirit of her boy—but a visit from a mysterious old man (Markham) reveals the house has a violent history.

Then things get really, really awful and bloody.

The ghosts in this movie are well-done—they’re sort of a burnt-up version of the ghosts from John Carpenter’s The Fog. The scares are real and effective; I can honestly say that no scare attempt in this movie falls flat. Fessenden has one of the best possession scenes you will see this side of the original The Exorcist, and Wojciech Golczewski provides a score that ties the film together nicely.

This is old-school horror done on a meager budget that scares in real ways. Bravo.

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