A scene from Big Hero 6.

Disney and Marvel deliver one of the year’s best animated films in Big Hero 6, a delightful story of a boy and his big, puffy robot.

Hiro (the voice of Ryan Potter) is an inventor, as is his brother, Tadashi (Daniel Henney). While Hiro likes to win money at robot fights, his brother is concentrating on helping the world with Baymax (Scott Adsit). Circumstances arise that leave Hiro in the company of Baymax—who turns out to be rather adorable and chummy for a robot. Hiro updates Baymax to fly and fight, then enlists his friends to join him in a fight to stop a mysterious masked man from stealing one of Hiro’s inventions. Baymax and Hiro are a touching, fun screen combo, and the animation is dynamite.

The movie is a blast from start to finish, and it actually does well with the heavy, emotional stuff. It’s visually inventive, with a strong script that makes you care for its characters.

I’m quite certain there will be a sequel. It should be noted that the more traditionally animated short that precedes the film, Feast, starring a little Boston terrier-looking pup named Winston, is also a real winner.

Big Hero 6 is playing at theaters across the valley.