On this week’s Independent comics page, Jen Sorenson compares Syria 2013 with Iraq 2003; The K Chronicles explains why white dudes can’t use the n-word; Red Meat takes drastic measures to appease an angry girlfriend; and The City has a modest proposal for dealing with Damascus.

One reply on “The Weekly Independent Comics Page for Sept. 12!”

  1. I am so sick and tired of idiots like Keith Knight who will flog a dead horse like racism. Justifying it with reverse racism. You are an Ignorant pawn of the government, trying to get people to look at a mummified topic, when people should be looking at the real problems. Like the people that are running our futures into the ground.
    I bet that in your lifetime you have never even spoken to anyone that was a slave. Grow up and stop being a puppet.
    Race card is no longer valid. Find something else to cry about brother. Love is the only thing that’s ever going to save us, and you’re fighting against it with this kind of drivle. I pray you find truth and honesty in my words. I would rather gain another brother, than step over another fallen enemy. God bless.

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