A to-go box packed full of yum.

What: The Singapore-style vermicelli

Where: Wang’s Chinese Cuisine, 35300 Date Palm Drive, Cathedral City

How much: $11.95

Contact: 760-770-3725; www.wangschineseca.com

Why: It’s a delicious dish at a great price.

During the height of the pandemic, a group of friends would regularly get together at my friend Bryan’s house to hang out in his large backyard. In socially distanced fashion, on his patio surrounded by misters, we’d safely chat, commiserate, have a cocktail or two—and devour a whole bunch of food we’d ordered from Wang’s Chinese Cuisine in Cathedral City (not to be confused with the Wang’s in Palm Springs).

While the food we ordered varied from visit to visit, there was one constant: the Singapore-style vermicelli with shrimp, pork, chicken and vegetables in a curry sauce.

The noodles were popular for varied reasons. For one thing, the amount of food packed into that to-go container is substantial, meaning a whole bunch of us could enjoy some. For another thing, the dish is fabulous.

I’ve probably ordered this dish now a couple dozen times, and the folks at Wang’s consistently do it right: The meat is delicious and not overcooked; the vegetables still have some crispness; and the curry sauce generally offers a lot of flavor without overwhelming.

Now that the pandemic restrictions have subsided (even if the virus has not), Wang’s remains in my regular dining rotation. The vast majority of the items we’ve ordered from Wang’s are quite good—my husband would like to offer an endorsement within an endorsement to the Szechuan-style beef—and the prices are more than fair, even in these inflationary times.

One day (I hope?), the COVID-19 pandemic will be just a memory, and among all of the sad and awful thoughts, I’ll smile when I remember those gatherings with friends in Bryan’s backyard—especially while chowing down on the Singapore-style vermicelli from Wang’s in Cathedral City.

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Jimmy Boegle

Jimmy Boegle is the founding editor and publisher of the Coachella Valley Independent. He is also the executive editor and publisher of the Reno News & Review in Reno, Nev. A native of Reno, the Dodgers...

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  1. We couldn’t agree with you more Jimmy. It’s no secret that there’s an absence of good, authentic Chinese food in the valley so imagine our surprise when we tried Wang’s in Cathedral City for the first time this year for dinner. Initially we had dismissed Wang’s as another run of the mill place with the typical standard fare you find in shopping malls, but we were so wrong. Singapore noodles happens to be one of our favorite and constant dishes, so we hope your write up will entice others to try it. Thanks for continuing to write and publish the CV Independent.

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