On this week’s aggressively festive Independent comics page: The K Chronicles acknowledges the plight of a group that is less fortunate; Claytoonz looks at who can fix our democracy; This Modern World wonders what the next ignored revelation will be; Jen Sorensen offers some advice to conservatives; and Red Meat engages in a deep conversation.

One reply on “The Weekly Independent Comics Page for Dec. 23, 2021!”

  1. I was born on the “Darkest Day of the Year” according to my brother who always said it in a spooky voice. My mother is very religious, and very often my BD cake would say ‘Happy Birthday Baby Jesus and Mary Anne’. As an adult, I have always wanted to have a “Jealous of Jesus” party with my other Christmas Baby friends. One year I got a Christmas CD wrapped in Christmas from my BFF (former) for my birthday. My husband thought a BD card was enough. It’s not. The pain is real.

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