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12 replies on “Palm Springs Restaurants Band Together to Sue the State; the Gov Promises Faster Vaccinations—Coachella Valley Independent Daily Digest: Jan. 4, 2021”

  1. Wow, ignorance runs Supreme. Here we are in the worst outbreak of COVID and restaurants are going to sue. What for for we are all extremely limited. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. If you want to keep COVID shaming , try pointing your no-scientific-evidence finger at ‘essentials’ as being corona breeding grounds since restaurants have been closed and clearly NOT a surge source. They never were.

  2. Restaurants have been closed for a month and yet cases continue to rise. It’s almost like restaurants weren’t even a factor in the first place.

  3. First off, they restaurants do not have to fully shut down. You can order take out or delivery, like I will be doing tonight.

    Secondly, going out to eat in person is not essential. I know it is essential for the business to survive, thus why there has been some relief for them. But we have to unite together as a country to get through this, wear our masks, wear them appropriately by covering our nostrils and mouth. Otherwise, we will not overcome this!

  4. This is long overdue. These restrictions are completely arbitrary and the only thing they’re accomplishing is destroying people’s lives.

    1. I totally agree that outdoor dining are not causing the spread of the virus. The restaurant business is “essential” for jobs and the psychological element of people not being able to go out of their homes for a meal. The take-out accounts for a small part of income for restaurants, and they cannot survive on this meager service.

  5. People refusing to wear masks to SLOW the spread, gathering in groups without masks are the culprits to the surge in cases. Our hospitals are PAST max capacity. God forbid people stay at home or wear a mask when our Governor states it should be followed. The orders mean absolutely nothing to the majority in Riv. Co. because “my rights are being violated”. Hence, our newest surge. My life is at stake every day I work, thanks to the SELFISHNESS of our society. Stop your whining. Restaurants are not the only businesses suffering in this nightmare.

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