Matt Orlove and Tom Astley. Credit: LABOUFFIER

Los Angeles is the epicenter of the entertainment industry, a city where people come to follow their dreams of careers in film, TV, music and more.

With all of that comes plenty of parties and events—some of the best of which are put together by Tom Astley, of L’Affaire Musicale, and Matt Orlove, of Orlove Entertainment.

While they both have their own companies, they plan almost every event together. This kind of collaboration is something you don’t see too often—and it’s refreshing. What brought them together?

“In short, the love and passion we have for music and working with artists,” Astley said. “We met at a time when we had both just moved from New York City and had set up our respective companies. We were both in the process of getting our brands and philosophies out there. We had a similar vision, so it just made sense to partner up. Synchronicity and timing are everything!”

That comradery has helped them expand their reach not just across Southern California (including the Palm Springs area), but also to the East Coast. These aren’t two corporate groups throwing unlimited money behind soulless events; it’s two friends sharing their love for music with the rest of us. It’s rare to see that kind of passion on the business side of music.

Astley described how they choose the right artists for their events. (Full disclosure: They have hired me before.)

“While there is always a component of how a headliner will sell at our shows, we mostly book acts that we enjoy and believe in as artists,” Astley said. “As for openers, we love to dig deep into the local culture and scene of the genre we’re booking. The openers at our shows are usually the ones running the local scene.”

Astley and Orlove work with acts such as The Knocks, Moon Boots, Pete Tong and disco legend Giorgio Moroder. In fact, Astley and Orlove are hosting Giorgio’s second annual “live disco” experience on Saturday, April 27, at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles. This show will include New York City’s Holy Ghost! (one of my personal favorites), French disco house icon Cerrone and a special performance from Dita Von Teese. It’s events like these that set them apart from other L.A. nightlife producers.

Astley and Orlove also know how to pick the perfect venue. We aren’t talking about run-down, tired nightclubs on the strip. From the Saguaro pool here in Palm Springs, to Skybar at the Mondrian in L.A. and the Delano Beach Club in Miami, the venues are almost as cool as the artists playing. This shows not only their passion for the music, but also for providing their guests with a quality experience all around.

“Sound, lighting and location all play a big part, but what really takes it over the edge is the staff—bartenders, security, door people, etc.,” Orlove said when asked what makes a venue great. “The customer experience starts here. At all of our events, we strive to create a friendly atmosphere, so when a venue is on the same page, it’s ideal.”

Orlove Entertainment and L’Affaire Musicale have big plans. “We’re really focusing on building the brands we have and expanding them into new markets nationwide,” Astley said, “and also working on launching a series of Wicked Paradise Beach Festivals in 2020.”

When asked what their favorite show to date was, Orlove said it had to be their first show with Giorgio. You can find tickets for the next one at