Sam Elliott in The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot.

The title of The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot implies campy fun, right? The fact that it stars Sam Elliott leads to the impression that tongue-in-cheek, cult-classic adventure may be in the making, perhaps?

Well, no. I’m all for a movie deviating from expectations—bring it on—but this one has no idea what it is trying to accomplish.

Elliott plays an old soldier drinking his life away. Through flashbacks, we see that he was part of some covert operation to kill Hitler. That part of the movie is handled in a couple of quick, unimaginative scenes. Then … his character is approached by the government to go kill Bigfoot, because Bigfoot is spreading a disease in Canada that could wipe out the entire planet. This part of the film is also handled in a couple of scenes—flimsy ones—including Bigfoot vomiting all over Elliott.

The movie actually takes itself seriously and tries to tell a sincere story about a mercenary defeated by lost love and looking for one last chance; it’s replete with a sappy soundtrack and real attempts at emoting. Come on! This could’ve been goofy fun; with moments like Bigfoot spouting vomit all over the place, there may at some point have been loony cult aspirations with this one.

Instead, this became a real drama with a cult title meant to fool geek chumps like me into plunking down the dough for a viewing. Avoid this … it’s terrible.

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