Zoe Lister-Jones writes, directs, stars and performs good music in Band Aid, a funny and sometimes nasty look at a struggling couple’s last attempt to save their marriage by forming a garage band.

Lister-Jones plays Anna, who is fed up with Ben (Adam Pally), her artist husband who refuses to do the dishes. They have intellectually nasty fights during which they come up with some pretty good shit in their back-and-forth. Counseling isn’t helping, and they are certainly a candidate for divorce.

Because they come up with some pretty good shit in their back-and-forth, they realize their nasty put-downs would make decent song lyrics. Anna suggests they pull their guitars out of mothballs and form a band. This sounds like a stupid premise, but, I assure you, it turns out to be fun.

When quiet, sex-addict neighbor Dave (Fred Armisen, hilarious, as always) sees the two playing guitars, he offers his help on drums. They call themselves the Dirty Dishes, and they start hitting open-mic nights.

The success of a movie like this hinges on the music, and the Dirty Dishes are pretty damn good, in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pixies sort of way. Lister-Jones is a decent vocalist, and they all play instruments admirably. In short, it isn’t torture when they are onstage performing. In fact, it’s quite entertaining.

Special Features: You get some deleted scenes and extra videos with the Blu-ray or digital purchase.