Ridley Scott’s third Alien movie, Alien: Covenant, is a good one. Sadly, it was not good enough to motivate a lot of domestic viewers to take it in—putting the franchise in jeopardy.

A direct sequel to his Alien prequel, Prometheus, Covenant tries to be both a gory monster movie and a philosophical meditation on the creation of man—with mixed results. It’s as if Scott heard all of the bitching by Alien fans who didn’t get enough monster madness in Prometheus, so he upped the ante on the gore and special effects, but did it with a smaller budget and the same kind of crazy plot holes that plagued Prometheus.

The movie still represents good Alien fun, with Michael Fassbender doing excellent work as not one, but two androids: Walter, the new, nicer android, and David, the dickhead android from Prometheus. Scott gets a little carried away regarding David’s overall role in the Alien universe. His new theory is relatively cool, but sometimes things are better left without an origin story.

The relative box-office failure of this one not only puts the other proposed Scott sequel in jeopardy; it almost certainly means the death of Neill Blomkamp’s proposed direct sequel to Aliens (a film that would’ve ignored Alien 3 and 4), which would’ve brought back Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn and Newt. Farts!

Special Features: The coolest thing you will find here is a director’s commentary with Scott. Watching the movie with Scott explaining his intentions makes the viewing experience a little more awesome. You also get a bevy of deleted and extended scenes, and a behind-the-scenes docs.