I watch Donnie Darko every few years. It’s one of those great weird movies in which new things hit you each time you see it.

It’s also fun to see how young Jake Gyllenhaal was in this 2001 film. He was just a lil’ baby.

My discovery with this viewing: I had forgotten Seth Rogen is in this movie. He plays a bully who harasses Gretchen (Jena Malone). Also, I’m not sure I’d watched it since Patrick Swayze passed away. The film is just a little bit darker knowing the former Outsider is gone.

This new limited edition includes a director’s cut, as well as the original version. Honestly, I can’t remember whether I’d watched the director’s cut before; the version does not seem all that different, other than it’s about 15 minutes longer. I did see a few scenes that struck me as new.

Mary McDonnell plays one of the all-time-great screen moms here, as she’s bemused by all that’s going on—including casually smoking a cigarette after a jet engine lands on her house.

And, of course … Sparkle Motion.

This is a good time-travel film that stands the test of time.

Special Features: As mentioned before, this new four-disc limited edition comes with both versions of the film, along with commentaries, including one with Kevin Smith. OK, now I remember: I have seen the director’s cut before. There are tons of deleted scenes and docs, as well as a Q&A with director Richard Kelly.

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