An image from For the Love of Spock.

Adam Nimoy directs For the Love of Spock, a sweet documentary about his dad, Leonard, and the everlasting legacy of his most universally treasured creation, Spock.

The film offers a terrific look at the origins of the character, and his transitions through time, straight through to the recent Spock incarnation played by Zachary Quinto. More importantly, the film stands as a blessed tribute to the man behind the character, as it examines his entire career and his family life.

Adam Nimoy unearths some great footage, including Leonard reading the original Variety review for Trek in front of a large crowd, and, of course, “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” Leonard’s most infamous single from his musical career. (If you haven’t seen the video, it’s one of the greatest things ever made.)

Adam had a rocky relationship with his dad, but thankfully, that was remedied in recent years, something the film touchingly covers.

The film stands as the most comprehensive guide to the character of Spock, while also being a nice love letter to Leonard Nimoy. Hey, this is actually the best Star Trek movie to come out in 2016!

For the Love of Spock is available via online sources including iTunes and