Two Icelandic sheepherding brothers who haven’t spoken in four decades face tragedy when their neighboring herds become infected and must be slaughtered in the fantastic film Rams.

Gummi (Sigurour Sigurjonsson) and Kiddi (Theodor Juliusson) have developed a rivalry over the years, with Kiddi winning local “best sheep” competitions. A jealous Gummi reports that his brother’s sheep might be ill—and the report winds up ringing true.

Doctors recommend that all of the sheep in the valley be destroyed—wreaking havoc on their lives. Gummi comes up with a strange plan to salvage some of the herd, forcing Kiddi to join him on a mission to save the sheep.

Writer-director Grimur Hakonarson’s hauntingly beautiful movie is a fine story of sibling rivalry. We never really find out what has caused the brotherly rift, and we don’t really need to know. The two actors (forgive me … I just don’t want to retype those names) are excellent as two men who love sheep so much that they put them before family.

It’s an exquisitely made film, yet it was somehow snubbed for a Best Foreign Film Oscar nomination. Voters truly missed the boat on this one.

Special Features: The package includes an interview with the director, along with one of his short films.

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