It was Christmas night, and my dog, Noomi, had eaten some table scraps earlier in the day. Mind you, it was only some turkey and ham given to her by our host, but us Boston terrier owners know that table scraps usually mean nighttime farts.

I had just gotten to sleep when Noomi let out a sonic blast that woke me from a dead slumber. After trying to get back to sleep, I gave up and got on iTunes. I discovered that the touted Taylor Swift concert was now streaming for free. Thinking it might lull me to sleep, I started watching it.

God dammit … Taylor Swift hooked me for the whole two hours.

I admit: I’m a bit of a fan. I’m not that into the country stuff, but her foray into pop with 1989 was impressive. She writes melodies on par with ABBA and lighter-fare Paul McCartney. I don’t find her music mind-bending, but I do find it enjoyable, on the same level as some of the great Erasure albums of the late ’80s. It’s good stuff.

As for her live show, she can perform with the best of them. She played the entire album on this tour, and much of it makes it into the movie. Standout performances include “Out of the Woods” and “Blank Space,” and the film contains some of the more impressive guest performances from the tour, like Justin Timberlake showing up for “Mirrors.”

It’s a fun show, nicely choreographed and performed extremely well. Swift’s singing is impressive throughout, as is her dancing. This woman does not slack onstage. When she’s singing to backing tapes, it’s often her voice on those backing tapes, with her singing a full-throated lead.

So, for once, I’m grateful for my dog’s farts. I got to see a pretty great show.

Taylor Swift: The 1989 Tour Live is now streaming on iTunes.