An image from Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.

From Alex Gibney, director of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, comes Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, a documentary on the late Apple founder.

The film basically covers the entire career of Steve Jobs, from his job at Atari through his stints with Apple. Because Jobs did so much in his career, the film feels a little rushed at times. If anybody were deserving of a three-part movie, it would be this guy.

While the film doesn’t slander Jobs, it doesn’t paint him as the nicest guy, either. It focuses a good part of its running time on his first daughter and Jobs’ initial refusal to support her. (He later reconciled with her.) It also goes into detail on his cutthroat business ways and his faults, like his parking in handicapped spaces.

In part because Gibney is not afraid to look at the darker side of Jobs, the film is fascinating. Hey, the guy had some issues, and this film looks at them. Jobs himself is featured in much of the film thanks to archival interview and speech footage.

This, of course, comes after the rather dismal Ashton Kutcher film Jobs, and before the Michael Fassbender biopic Steve Jobs, coming out later this year from director Danny Boyle.

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine opens Friday, Sept. 4, at the Cinémas Palme d’Or (72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert; 760-779-0430).