The last performance by Robin Williams in a live-action role has him playing a closeted older man dealing with issues in a very somber, slow-paced, mundane way.

The faults of Boulevard lie within the script and the sloppy direction. Williams is decent as Nolan, a bank employee on the verge of a promotion; he’s been married for a long time to Joy (Kathy Baker). One night, when feeling a bit anxious, he goes cruising on the boulevard and picks up Leo (Roberto Aguire), a street hustler. They go to a hotel a couple of times. The first time, they just chat. The second time, they chat while Leo sits on the bed naked. It’s clear Nolan is gay—and doesn’t really know what to do about it.

Nolan gets a little obsessive as he waits for texts and phone calls from Leo—and he puts his career and marriage on the line when he gets directly involved in Leo’s life. His behavior is a little desperate, and things don’t go well for him in the end.

Bob Odenkirk turns in some good work as Winston, Nolan’s friend. Odenkirk (an Emmy nominee for Better Call Saul) continues to show he has fine dramatic chops to go with his comedy cred.

I’m not sure why the film needed the street-hustler angle. It would’ve been good to see Williams in a role that felt a little more realistic. He does solid work here, but the movie itself isn’t up to snuff.

Special Features: There are no special features on the disc. 

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  1. This is one of the stupidest reviews I have ever read. The reviewer didn’t get it at all. Wonders why the street hustler? Duh. Nolan picks someone he can have who has no expectation, for one thing. How do people like this get the chance to review?

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