Josh Wiggins in Max.

In Max, Max the dog (an impressive Belgian Malinois with nice acting skills) comes back to the U.S. after serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. His handler’s family adopts him when they learn he’s suffering from PTSD and is due to be put down.

Max winds up bonding with his handler’s brother, and they go on numerous adventures together involving bicycles and annoying kids.

Thomas Haden Church does some good work as the war-veteran dad, although the same can’t be said for Lauren Graham as the overacting wife, nor can it be said for Josh Wiggins as Justin, the son; he simply can’t act.

The plot goes to strange places, including some illegal arms-dealing, but the movie never becomes completely awful, thanks to the occasional scene with Church and the constant presence of the dog. Dogs kick ass, and the dog playing Max really kicks ass.

If anything, the movie calls attention to these wonderful, fearless animals that are helping our soldiers overseas. So, even if the movie is tedious and stupid at times, it does have a good message, if you are looking for a decent movie for the kids. Just know going in that it’s a little on the dopey and sloppy side.

Max is now playing at theaters across the valley.

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