Here is one the year’s most overrated movies. Critics have been loving Locke, starring Tom Hardy (aka Bane), but I thought it was a real snore.

Nearly the entire film is set inside a car as Ivan Locke, a cement foreman, is driving to see his sort-of mistress. A one-night stand has resulted in a pregnancy, and the woman is giving birth under emergency circumstances.

Ivan is also a family man with a wife and kid, and he is supposed to be home watching a soccer match. So, he calls them; they call him; the pregnant woman calls Ivan; Ivan’s boss calls while pissed … you get the idea.

Hardy does as much as he can with the scenario given to him by writer-director Steven Knight (who also wrote Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things). For me, the film offers little in the way of surprise or excitement. It’s just Hardy weaseling his way through a series of phone conversations.

It’s stunt filmmaking, but on a sleepy level. Hardy and his voice-actor counterparts do well enough, but the film never really goes anywhere—other than on a long, boring drive.

Special Features: You get an audio commentary from Knight and a short making-of doc. 

3 replies on “Blu-Ray Review: Tom Hardy’s ‘Locke’ Is One of the Year’s Most Overrated Films”

  1. Not at all; In my opinion this is a fantastic and unique film, but definitely not for everyone as proven in this review. The film kept me on the edge of my chair and i enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a matter of taste i suppose.

  2. I was one that I liked Tom Hardy in a action movie. But watching this movie while eating my supper. When the movie was over I looked down and my plate was full. I was on the edge of my seat , to the point I forgot to eat. He is an amazing actor. I loved this movie.

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