The Hacienda Cantina and Beach Club is now open—and the Hacienda’s resident DJ, Colour Vision, is elated about the venue’s potential.

Colour Vision (Corey Hurley) recently relocated to the Coachella Valley from San Diego. He said the music scene there is quite different from the scene here.

“I grew up in San Diego and started DJing when I was about 21,” Hurley said. “The scene down there is kind of interesting, because I had to do a lot of parties, especially with the kind of music that I do, which is tropical, disco and house. There’s not really a market for it there. Me and a couple of other people were the only ones doing the whole scene for it there, which is great, because we got to bring in all of our friends, and I’ve kind of worked at every stage of the music industry at this point. Now I’m up here to take on the (Hacienda) position and try out a new city.”

Hurley said he was excited to meet Independent resident DJ All Night Shoes (Alex Harrington), because they share a similar “tropical” style; he feels the tropical sound is on the rise in the EDM world. He explained what attracts him to that particular sound.

“The root of it would be when I first started DJing, I was playing really heavy bangers in clubs. I was playing big raves and stuff, and as I started playing more and more in the bars, it became very apparent that you couldn’t just bang it out for the whole set. I kind of got over the more abrasive dance music. I started gravitating more toward an Australian sound that was coming out about five years ago. It was kind of a French house, with more of a disco vibe. It was the beginning of the whole nu-disco trend. All of the sounds started gravitating toward this very interesting tropical sound.

“I’ve always had this love of tropical music—tropical rhythms and an island sound, the kind of music you’d want to listen to by the pool.”

However, his newer tropical style didn’t find instant success, he said.

“I stuck to my guns in San Diego. I would only take shows along the same lines of stuff I liked and bands I supported, even if there was little to no pay,” Hurley said. “I opted to do that instead of club DJing and playing Top 40s music, which I absolutely hate. I’ve done that for money and taken gigs as a DJ for a job (at places) like the Hard Rock. … That market, of course, exists in San Diego, but the indie stuff, no one really knows about it. … Now it’s become mainstream. I was made fun of by other DJs for playing the kind of music I play; now it’s what everyone is doing.”

He said his reception at the Hacienda has been warm.

“It’s sort of half and half, but I’m always really surprised at the response,” Hurley said. “It’s great to play a set and have people come up of all different ages and races, and everyone kind of hears what’s going on with the music and likes the energy of it. They come up to me and ask me for mix tapes and all kinds of other stuff. It’s really inspiring, and I think this sound should have a home here. It’s tropical; there are palm trees everywhere; there are pools, and that whole thing. This music is specifically designed for that.”

He explained what makes Hacienda unique.

“When the club opened, we didn’t know what was going to happen. It’s been amazing,” Hurley said. “They’re kind of anti-what the mainstream is doing. The owner is all about the music, the vibe and creating a new experience for Palm Springs.”

For more on Colour Vision, visit or The Hacienda Cantina and Beach Club is located at 1555 S. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs. The pool is open Friday through Sunday, and the restaurant/lounge is open Wednesday through Sunday. For more information, call 760-778-8954, or visit

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  1. Bummer Hacienda is always dead. The music is super mellow and kind of weird for a mexican restaurant or pool club if you want to dance. The pool is the size of a bathtub. Hope this place works out, we need the tourism. Hope they bring more big names too. So exciting to have a place like this. I will keep going if not just for the cheap delicious drinks.

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