Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy.

Enemy features an awesome performance from a great actor playing somebody who might be a little sick in the head.

Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a college-history professor who reeks of insecurity and has a guilty vibe about him. He has a beautiful girlfriend (Mélanie Laurent) with whom he seems to be having a few sexual problems. He’s having bad dreams in which the arachnids show up, and he seems depressed most of his waking hours.

When Adam watches a movie in an effort to cheer up, he spies what appears to be himself playing a bellboy. Weird. A little research reveals that the bellboy is Anthony (also played by Gyllenhaal), a bit-part actor who is Adam’s doppelganger.

Anthony is married to Helen (Sarah Gadon), and while full details aren’t given, it seems as if Anthony has been unfaithful in the past. Unlike the confused and sad Adam, Anthony is very regimental and bold.

Denis Villeneuve’s film is far superior to Prisoners (in which Gyllenhaal co-starred), a film that started strong and spun out of control. Enemy remains morally and thematically twisted throughout.

While the DVD isn’t due until June for this one, you can download it via iTunes, and get a making-of documentary along with it. Oddly enough, even though it is available for purchase on Amazon.com and iTunes as a download, no Blu-ray release has been set yet—only DVD. This is just another sign of the changing landscape in home video releases.