The Berninger brothers in Mistaken for Strangers.

Tom Berninger joins his brother, Matt Berninger (lead singer of The National), on tour as a roadie and records the proceedings for this offbeat and genuinely charming movie.

Tom fails as a roadie—and he nearly fails as a filmmaker—but he perseveres to make a documentary that pays more attention to Tom and his struggles than the actual music.

Fans of The National might walk away a little perturbed that the film contains minimal concert footage, but, hey, you have albums and concerts to fill that gap. What this movie ends up being is an endearing account of two very different brothers coming together in a strange circumstance and making everything work for the better in the end.

Mistaken for Strangers shows that Matt’s faith in his little weird brother, who drew far better pictures than him when they were kids, has paid off. The little pest knows his way behind the camera.

Mistaken for Strangers is available via online sources including iTunes and