Spike Jonze (who also had an awesome cameo in The Wolf of Wall Street) wrote and directed this beautiful love story about a man who is smitten with his computer’s operating system (voiced by a lovely Scarlett Johansson).

Johansson does mesmerizing voice work as Samantha, an advanced Siri-like voice-operating system that is so charming, her new owner (Joaquin Phoenix) finds her far more interesting than actual humans. She makes you believe a man could fall in love with his computer.

Jonze, who wrote the screenplay, has made a movie that looks and feels realistic, creating a future in which it’s perfectly OK to date your computer. He approaches the topic seriously, and somehow manages to make it all work.

The movie not only looks beautiful, as Jonze films often do; it sounds great, thanks to a soundtrack from Arcade Fire. Let it also be said that Phoenix turns in some of the finest acting of his career.

Her is now playing at theaters across the valley.