There was no movie that I was anticipating more this year than this cinematic rebirth of Superman. I was so excited that I buried in my mind the fact that director Zack Snyder’s most-recent effort, Sucker Punch, was a pungent mess.

Man of Steel could do no wrong. Right?


Snyder went and turned Supes (Henry Cavill) into a whiner with mommy issues. The director was going for something akin to Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, rather than the Richard Donner flicks that inspired Bryan Singer’s unjustly maligned Superman Returns.

General Zod, as played by Michael Shannon, is close to perfect. Conversely, Amy Adams is a total miss as Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburne is awful as her boss, Perry White. Passing grades go to Kevin Costner as Superman’s earthly dad, and Russell Crowe as the Kryptonian papa. Diane Lane is also good as his Earth mommy.

This movie is absent of humor, joy and fun. I’m all for taking Superman to a darker place, but Snyder also takes him to a place that is significantly duller. I fear for the future of the Superman and Batman franchises with Snyder at the helm.

Special Features: There’s a feature in which Zack Snyder basically explains the whole movie; it’s a feature that goes beyond the scope of the usual audio commentary. In fact, it takes up most of the second disc you get in the package. You also get making-of docs. I liked the features more than the movie.

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  1. Superman Returns DESERVES to be MALIGNED. I wish there was a toilet tissue brand with Superman Returns pictures printed on them along with Bryan Singer’s FACE too so I could wipe my ass on it! my SHIT residue would be FAR more watchable than campy trifling fuckery of cunt waste that was “Superman Returns” p.s THE XMEN movies are just as devoid of depth…OH! because Bryan Singer raped such powerful characters of any substance to give Hugh Jackman
    top billing because he(Bryan) had a serious hard on for Mr JACKman

  2. And P.S…MAN OF STEEL was on point…the BEST film out of the Superman film franchise(I can excuse the classic superman movies for it’s cheese factor due to the era it was created in.but SUPERMAN, Bryan Singer wanted to “recapture” the reeve’s superman to appeal to HIS bias of strong female characters and fresh ideas and turned it into some sappy soap opera where a bed ridden superman had a love child with Lois Lane who was diminished from her stand alone, strong willed, blunt persona to suit BRYAN SINGER’S lust for weak, one dimensional, vapid female characters to make the men look ever more strong…bryan singer has a myopic perspective when it comes to directing super hero/comic book movies…he ruined the XMEN for me(the films at least)any other director than bryan singer needs to direct comic book films, he is FAR out of his league when it comes to having the imagination and vision to adapt comic book characters for the silver screen.

  3. “Bryan Singer’s unjustly maligned Superman Returns.” I think that statement right demonstrates this critic has no credibility on this topic.

    In that film, Superman is a deadbeat dad with a fear of commitment. It was an awful film that should not have been made.

    Man of Steel is the first film in the series able to rival Christopher Reeve’s classic, Superman. The critic, and every critic that has dissed the movie’s chief criticism is that its not funny enough…Why does Superman have to be a comedy. Its a sci-fi fantasy, and it delivers the goods in this regard.

    Why does the author want the movie to another craptastic big budget movie that tries to be part comedy, romance, part drama, part action, part scifi? Does every film need to be all things to all people? Well, Superman isn’t that, but this is a great new story of the Superman myth and casts the troubled alien hero in a new light.

    Ignore this sorry review and enjoy the show.

  4. I agree about Michael Shannon being perfection but come on MOS is 1,000 times better than Superman Returns. How in the fuck can anyone say Singer’s Superman is better than Synder’s Superman?

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