A big-ass spider wreaks havoc on L.A. in the appropriately named Big Ass Spider.

A military experiment results in a yucky spider growing to the size of King Kong and terrorizing downtown Los Angeles in Big Ass Spider, a funny, campy and surprisingly good-looking low-budget affair.

Greg Grunberg delivers a funny central performance as Alex, a friendly exterminator who gets bitten by a brown recluse, winds up at a hospital, and discovers that a big black widow gone crazy has burrowed out of a dead body. (Blecch!) The military shows up in the form of Ray Wise—and the spider sets about biting and eating a lot of people while growing much larger. (Double Blecch!!)

The monster spider is presented well thanks to some snappy CGI work, and the script from writer Gregory Gieras provides consistent, campy laughs. Director Mike Mendez deserves a lot of credit, because he made a movie featuring a disgusting spider that I managed to enjoy quite a bit, even though I HATE SPIDERS.

Big Ass Spider! opens today, Friday, Oct. 18; however, you’ll need to travel to San Diego to see it.