Justin Timberlake in Runner Runner.

Was the world aching for a movie about online gambling? If so, was it aching for a movie about online gambling in which Justin Timberlake gets beaten up a lot while looking really scared? Was it aching for a film in which Ben Affleck feeds poultry to his pet crocodiles?

In Runner Runner, Timberlake plays Richie, a college student paying his tuition through online gambling. After possibly getting hustled, he travels to Costa Rica to get in the face of the guy in charge of the gambling site (Affleck). Richie winds up getting a job and thrusting himself into a seedy online gambling underworld that involves running around a lot and acting really confused.

Timberlake is an actor who can look really good—or really, really lost. This time, he’s lost. As for Affleck, I kind of like him in this movie; it’s fun when he plays a bad guy.

Sadly, the movie lets him down in a big way with its silly subplots and failed attempts at being clever.

Runner Runner is now playing at theaters across the valley.