I missed Sharknado during its initial cable run. I found that a lot of people loved that it existed, but they didn’t necessarily sit down to watch the thing.

Not only did I sit down to watch this … I paid for this!

Am I glad I did it? I sure am.

Let me make something perfectly clear: There isn’t a lot of actual sharknado action—i.e., action consisting of tornadoes full of sharks. The movie is more about standard shark attacks on the beach, shark attacks in your backyard, and shark attacks in the living room. You know, everyday shark-attack sort of stuff.

It isn’t until near the finale that you get full-on sharknado action, with big twisters full of hammerheads and great whites that eat people as soon as they hit the ground. Whoever made this movie should’ve thrown a lot more money at it, because tornadoes full of sharks is an awesome idea. I wish that most of the movie was dedicated to this meteorological event.

Tara Reid, a long way from her days in Coen brothers movies, appears alongside the guy whose name you don’t know from Beverly Hills 90210 … and they are awful. But trust me: You won’t care that they are awful, for this is a movie with tornadoes full of sharks, and even though sharknados only take up a few minutes of the film … IT’S TORNADOES FULL OF SHARKS!

The sequel is already in production. Disney spent something like $200 million onThe Lone Ranger. If Disney were wise, they would buy this franchise, throw about $50 million at it, and watch the money come rolling in.

Special Features: A making-of short, a commentary and a gag reel. The gag reel is weird, because the entire movie is basically a gag reel.