Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville in Adore.

From director Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel) comes Adore, this beautifully shot tale of two female friends (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright) who watch each other’s sons (Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville) grow up to be rather strapping lads. So it only stands to reason that the women start sleeping with each other’s sons—and that causes all kinds of troubles and mixed feelings.

That’s about it for plotting; the film will not blow you away on a story level. However, it is well-acted, with Watts and Wright especially good as loyal friends who can’t help themselves.

Fontaine knows how to make a good-looking movie, and there are many shots of awesome-looking people in swimwear. The great Ben Mendelsohn is on hand as Wright’s husband, who gets a big surprise when he returns from an extended trip.

This is Wright’s best role in quite some time; meanwhile, Watts just needs to show up on a movie set to make things interesting.

Adore opens today, Friday, Sept. 6, at the Cinemas Palme d’Or (72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert; 760-779-0430).