Rob Corddry, Keegan Michael Key and Leslie Bibb in Hell Baby.

Hell Baby is yet another horror-movie spoof, this one starring the great Rob Corddry (TV’s Childrens Hospital) and Leslie Bibb as a couple moving into a creepy house in New Orleans.

She’s pregnant; the place might be haunted; and there’s a guy (the funny Keegan Michael Key) apparently living in their crawl space. On top of that, Mrs. Nussbaum, an old naked lady from the mental institution down the block, is running around the house and doing lewd things to Corddry … really lewd things.

Can the couple get the old house renovated in time for the baby’s arrival, while keeping the wife’s womb un-possessed? Unfotrunately, you won’t care.

There are a couple of running gags that work, including a repeated bit involving po’ boy sandwiches, but most of the jokes fall flat. This was written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon of Reno 911!, with the two playing hard-smoking priests. The two have been responsible for some funny stuff in the past, but they also wrote the lousy Night at the Museum movies.

Sadly, this is more in line with the Museum movies. Corddry tries hard, and it’s almost impossible for him to not be funny—yet he often is here.

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