Amandla Stenberg and Maria Bakalova in Bodies Bodies Bodies.

The normally reliable A24 film studio delivers a useless horror film with Bodies Bodies Bodies, a run-of-the-mill slasher comedy that tries to masquerade as a satirical statement on today’s rich kids.

First off: We don’t really need a horror movie that points out the shallowness and narcissistic leanings of today’s social-media-dependent, rich 20-sometings. It’s just not relatable humor. OK, if you are a narcissistic, rich 20-something, it’s relatable, but all of us other philistines don’t give two shits.

Second: The premise of the film involves these rich 20-somethings experiencing real murders while playing a game called Bodies Bodies Bodies? There’s no such game (at least that I know of), so when they blurt out the rules early in the film, it just sounds like a bunch of nonsense—a third-rate Clue rip-off. Also, rich 20-somethings generally don’t play games like Bodies Bodies Bodies at sleepovers. That’s the stuff of 12-year-olds’ sleepovers … maybe.

The cast includes Pete Davidson as Pete Davidson, or some douche who is just like Pete Davidson, which is the role Pete Davidson always plays. There’s also Amandla Stenberg, Rachel Sennott, Chase Sui Wonders and Maria Bakalova (from the Borat sequel) rounding out the cast, all of whom are required to yell and scream a lot.

The film offers nothing original regarding how the young adults are being dispatched. They get shot; they get stabbed; they fall down; they fall down again. The body count stacks up, and the paranoia builds, but the film lacks any structure or true sense of mystery that would make us care. When the big reveal comes near the end, it falls flat.

The one redeeming quality is Bakalova, who shows range beyond being Borat’s stooge. Otherwise … Bodies Bodies Bodies is boring boring boring.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is playing at theaters across the valley.