Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC) has been reaching out to provide its services further into the Coachella Valley and high desert communities with its Mobile Health Clinic. The self-contained clinic—equipped with its own generator to supply power when necessary—helps to serve patients in remote locations where there is often a short supply of primary care physicians. With better healthcare access, patients can avoid unnecessary—and sometimes costly—visits to the emergency room.

The DOHC Mobile Health Clinic:

• Contains two HIPAA-compliant, air-conditioned examination/screening rooms and is wheelchair-accessible.

• Travels with clinical staff to provide BMI, diabetes, blood pressure and other health screenings for immediate results and to answer any questions.

• Provides other services, including blood draws, retinal eye exams and vaccines.

• Offers video visits to primary care physicians and DOHC Senior Wellness Clinics, as well as specialists when needed. It also offers video visits to partners such as local dialysis centers.

• Connects patients immediately to health records and education materials.

Bringing COVID and Seasonal Flu Vaccines Where They Are Needed

On its March 11, 2021, maiden voyage, the new Mobile Health Clinic offered COVID vaccines, along with check-ups for patients of Will Family Medicine in the eastern Coachella Valley. DOHC pharmacists gave vaccines; enrolled patients with diabetes and/or elevated blood pressure and blood glucose in special programs; and provided blood pressure cuffs, glucometers and other necessary devices.

Since then, the Mobile Health Clinic has been to dozens of other locations, including a variety of health fairs at school districts, employer groups and senior centers. DOHC knows that as many as 10% of senior members are not accessing care within a calendar year, meaning that chronic conditions are not being identified and/or managed. Now, the Mobile Health Clinic allows DOHC to bring necessary treatment and annual senior wellness visits directly to members.

As flu season returned, as it does each year, DOHC once again set up drive-thru flu-vaccine clinics in Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes, Indio and Yucca Valley. COVID and flu vaccines are always on board the Mobile Health Clinic for those who have not received them.

“Our virtual visits for telehealth consultations, as well as safe office visits, between patients and their DOHC care teams will continue,” said Dr. Teresa Hodgkins, PharmD and VP of Clinical Quality Initiatives. “But our Mobile Health Clinic has allowed us to restart our health fairs at community events in a new and exciting way.”

DOHC’s Mobile Health Clinic May Be Coming to a Location Near You Soon

For scheduling inquiries, please contact Librado Perez, Mobile Health Clinic Programs and Logistics Lead, at 760-218-0908 or