Soul is yet another big blockbuster that went straight to a streaming service—and it’s a good one. The latest Pixar film is typically solid work involving a music teacher (Jamie Foxx), who wanted to be a professional musician, meeting an untimely death—and having a strange ghostly adventure involving body possession and cats.

If this sounds morbid and dark, it isn’t. Pixar handles the subject of death well with a sweet fantasy that’s a tasteful and touching ode to music and, above all, teachers.

The story seems tailored to adults more than the usual Pixar fare, while kids will walk away with some new questions about music, teachers and, yeah, mortality. Hey, kids need to learn about death at some point, and this is a movie that addresses the matter in a tasteful and intelligent way.

The film is beautifully put together, with one of the year’s best soundtracks, from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Yes, the guy from Nine Inch Nails has scored a Pixar movie, and it’s a soundtrack that makes the heartwarming moments even warmer.

Soul is now streaming on Disney+.