Courtesy of Tim O'Bayley
Abbott, a part-husky with two different-colored eyes, is the pride of Tim O'Bayley. Credit: Courtesy of Tim O'Bayley

As one would expect from a pet columnist, I love animals. I love to talk and read about them, and I always watch shows about them.

I am far from alone: Many of the people I know also have a deep love for animals. They care for their animal babies with extraordinary love and tenderness. As we know, that treatment turns those animals into the rulers of their families’ lives—they become our home bosses.

I wanted to hear from others about their pets. I’d seen someone else on Facebook pose a question: What would your animal have in his/her/their pocket? So, I decided to ask some of our friends and neighbors that question, as well as their pets’ type, age and quirkiest trait.

Tim O’Bayley, CEO and Creative Director, O’Bayley Communications

Abbott, part husky, with two different-colored eyes. He’s 2 1/2 years old—and absolutely adorable and full of life. Quirkiest thing: He likes to sleep/nap mostly on his back, with one leg up against a wall or a piece of furniture. In his pocket: one of his many toys. He likes to have them close by at all times.

Siobhan Velarde, Coachella Valley Chanteuse

Pickles, 8-ish years old, and Doctor, 6 years old. Quirkiest thing: Pickles wants all the pillows … literally ALL of them. Then she burrows into the center, throwing half of them on the ground. Doctor howls to specific theme songs. No. 1 is Jeopardy! and also Golden Girls. In her pocket: Pickles would have her leash. Nothing gets this kid more excited than her daily walk, although she moves at a snail’s pace. Doctor keeps her mommy, daddy and big brother in her pocket. She totally owns us!

George Nasci-Sinatra, Major Gift Officer, Martha’s Kitchen

Luigi Morkie and Gioia (Joya), Maltipoos. Quirkiest thing: Luigi must sleep on top of at least two pillows, and they must be a certain height—like Princess and the Pea. Gioia can only sleep if one of her back legs is propped up, and she is on the back of the sofa or a pillow. In their pockets: Luigi would have unlimited treats; Gioia would have every squeaky toy she owns.

Vickie Burnett and Pam Crocker, Happily Retired

Flo is a miniature dachshund who is 13 years young and full of life. Quirkiest thing: She loves to play ball all day long and will fall asleep with the ball in her mouth slowly squeaking. In her pocket: a ball.

Michelle Bergeron, Animal Angel and Rescuer Extraordinaire

Einstein is a 2-year-old cat. Quirkiest things: He knows how to climb, and open and close curtains, and has even made some of those fancy “Starry Night ” curtains due to his antics. In his pocket: Shock Top beer bottlecaps.

Emily Nine, Veterinarian Assistant, Carter Animal Hospital

Lilly is a 2-year-old basset hound. Quirkiest thing: She likes to jump on me when I am not expecting it, and she is like a tree log! In her pocket: She would have ladybugs or crickets.

Kristen Dolan, Director of Community Relations and Resource Development, United Way of the Desert

Cats: Wally, 12; Tiki, 10; and Bodhi, 9 months. Quirkiest things: Wally likes safe places to hide, so you’ll likely find him squished in some sort of small space. Tiki loves morning and nighttime snuggles, but doesn’t want anything to do with you during the day. Bodhi does this spider-cat thing across the carpeted rooms in our house where he sprawls out on his side and pulls himself across the carpet by his claws. In their pockets: Wally would have snacks; Tiki would have a measuring tape to make sure you were keeping six feet away from him; and Bodhi would have a Swiss Army knife, because he gets into all sorts of adventures.

Stacy Eder, Real Estate Broker

Sammy is a Maltipoo, 4 years old. Quirkiest thing: She uses a toy from a fur kid that has passed away to knead when we think she’s stressed out. She was dumped twice prior to coming to our home, so we don’t know her history. Our thoughts are that she was taken from her mother and littermates too early. In her pocket: A container full of cantaloupe. Sammy is obsessed with it!

Rachel Reedy, DVM, Carter Animal Hospital

Uno is a 7-year-old horse. Quirkiest things: He’s a total escape artist, and he’s a ham for the camera. In his pocket: Granny’s Horse Cookies—he loves his horse cookies! Spud is a 3-year-old Boston terrier. Quirkiest thing: He is obsessed with puppies. He loves them! In his pocket: It’s empty, because he would eat whatever is in there.

Janeen Bahr, President, S.O.A.R. (Society’s Outkast Animal Rescue)

Harley is an 18-month-old rottweiler. Quirkiest thing: At 110 pounds, he’s afraid of my three-pound foster dog. In his pocket: any toy that could be thrown and returned.

Felix Tipper, Events Manager, F-10 Creative; Bartender and Fitness Promoter

Bam Bam is a 14 1/2-year-old pug. Quirkiest thing: He is very judicious about his kisses. Although he is the biggest snuggler and love bug, his kisses are rare; they are a very quick and short semi-lick. He also does not like the camera lens. In his pocket: treats. Like most pugs, he’s food-obsessed.

Joni Padduck, Happily Retired

Bella Rosa is a 4 1/2-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell/miniature pinscher mix. Quirkiest thing: She’s afraid of small children. In her pocket: her daddy! She’d bring him everywhere with her.

Sharon Ollenburger, Search and Rescue, Riverside County Sheriff

Sally Ann is a 12-year-old cat. Quirkiest thing: She is very vocal, especially in the morning or if I have been gone a long time. In her pocket: She would have a picture of me or chicken Greenies treats.

Carlynne McDonnell is the founder and CEO of Barkee LaRoux’s House of Love Animal Sanctuary, a senior animal sanctuary and hospice in the Coachella Valley. She has been rescuing animals since she was 4 years old.