Fatma Mohamed and Marianne Jean-Baptiste in In Fabric.

In Fabric is one of 2019’s wackier movies. An unofficial homage to director Dario Argento by Peter Strickland, it follows a killer dress as the garment takes out victims during a busy shopping season. It has the weird score, the strange-looking fake blood that’s too brightly colored, and the sort of pacing that has made Argento a cult favorite.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste stars as a mom looking to get back on the dating scene after her husband leaves her … so she buys a dress. The dress burns her when she wears it and sometimes jumps on people after hanging around on the ceiling. Strickland somehow makes this sort of beautiful and silly, rather than just silly.

Later in the film, the story shifts to a soon-to-be-wed machine repairman (Steve Oram) who is also victimized by the strange garment. Fatma Mohamed takes the award for Weirdest Entity in a Weird Movie as a geisha-looking store manager who seems to know the dress has powers, but sells it anyway.

So, beware: In Fabric is a nutty, strange, ambiguous movie that isn’t for everyone. But if you do happen to like films about killer dresses, this is right up your alley.

In Fabric is available via online sources including iTunes and Amazon.com