Ryan Reynolds in Once Upon a Deadpool.

The first Deadpool was a gross hoot. Deadpool 2 was OK—still funny, but a definite step in the wrong direction, as Ryan Reynolds got a little too cute with the whole breaking-the-fourth-wall thing.

Once Upon a Deadpool exists because somebody decided to cash in (plus a charity tie-in, at least) with a PG-13-rated Deadpool 2 edit during this past holiday season. (It’s reminiscent of the time Saturday Night Fever got revamped as a PG movie, down from an R, many years ago.) It’s a sad joke of an enterprise, diluting an already-mediocre movie and stripping Deadpool of the very things that make him unique in the Marvel universe—that being his profane mouth and penchant for drawing lots of blood.

The movie includes new footage with Fred Savage, kidnapped by Deadpool and taped to a bed within a meticulously recreated Princess Bride set. Savage is actually really funny in his scenes, mocking the fact that Deadpool isn’t really a Marvel comic. He’s only in it for a few minutes, and he’s the best thing about it.

This release didn’t make a lot of money, so here’s hoping those in charge realize Deadpool isn’t meant for family viewing.

Once Upon a Deadpool is available via online sources, as well as DVD and Blu-ray.