“Marilyn” by Hank Hudson.

When Woody Shimko travels from Provincetown, Mass., to Palm Springs, he packs up more items than just a few extra T-shirts: He packs up works of art.

He owns galleries on both coasts, and he hauls a large collection of art that is melded into one show, linking artists that work 3,000 miles apart.

The Woodman/Shimko Gallery, at 1105 N. Palm Canyon Drive in the Uptown Design District of Palm Springs, features work by both artists local/regional and from his gallery in Provincetown. The broad collection offers an eclectic mix of contemporary, modern and realistic paintings and photographs that are a perfect fit for the modernism of Palm Springs.

Shimko opened the gallery in January 2013. Contemporary artists such as Richard Ransier from Los Angeles, Roger Allen Mosser and Austin Calloway from Palm Springs, and Cassandra Complex, Christopher Sousa, Chet Jones and Larry Collins from Provincetown have shown work there. Beyond the paintings, sculptures and ceramic art works, there are tables designed and built by Shimko, made from industrial materials, with antique Japanese shoji screens. Woody Shimko’s partner, Ray Nocera, help set up the gallery so Shimko would have a place to show his coffee tables that he designs and creates.

“The (slogan) for the gallery is ‘Provincetown to Palm Springs: 3,000 Miles of Art,’ said Shimko. “It was started five years ago, and it showcases the work of artists from both coasts. For years, I was the visual director at companies such as Bergdorf Goodman, Armani and Tiffany. Then after working 15 years for a design company in Tokyo, I came back and realized that after collecting art for so many years, perhaps it was the thing to do to open a gallery and showcase artists that I admire.”

November’s shows include Palm Springs artist Hank Hudson, an award-winning magazine art director, designer and photographer who is the former art director of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. He was also art director for Cosmopolitan magazine and Glamour magazine, and was the design director of TIME magazine’s Style and Design special issues.

Also highlighted will be Provincetown artist Cassandra Complex. “My art is a meditation on, as well as an attempt to capture, the moment when a complex inner life meets the unyielding outside world,” she says in an artist’s statement. “It is at this instance when the character of my subjects is truly revealed. The landscape of the face is capable of revealing, to the viewer, all the truths that have ever been known. Each subject reveals themselves, in as much as what they refrain from, as they do in the most overt of expressions. In my work, I wish to expose the internal life: that secret life that lives within us all.”

Artists including Gabe Fernandez, Chris Lopez and Gregg Ross will be featured as well.

The gallery in the past has shown the works of local and non-local photographers Jeff Palmer, Ronald David Erskine and Terry Hastings, all from Palm Springs; and Eileen Counihan and Bobby Miller of Provincetown. A selection of sculptures at the gallery includes works by ceramic artist Paul Bellardo, metal artist Terry Hastings and local bronze artist James Messana.

The Woodman-Shimko Gallery is located at 1105 N. Palm Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs. For more information, including hours, call 760-322-1230. The gallery’s website is woodmanshimkogallery.com.