A scene from Cult of Chucky.

The tired killer-doll franchise gets a slight boost with Cult of Chucky. No, it can’t be called a good movie, but it might just be the best sequel so far to Child’s Play.

The film picks up after the last installment, the lousy Curse of Chucky, with Nica (Fiona Dourif, the daughter of Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky) on her way to an asylum. Also returning is Alex Vincent, who played Andy in the original film and Curse. Andy now has an arsenal—along with a messed-up Chucky head in a safe. It’s stitched together, bloodied and still talking. It’s kind of awesome, actually.

Not long after Nica’s arrival, numerous Chucky dolls start showing up, and, of course, people start dying. No doubt: Chucky has never looked cooler than he does in his various incarnations in this movie. The special-effects crew does a great job of animating the little demon. Brad Dourif has a lot of fun with the role. (He has a “cuckoo’s nest” joke that is pretty funny for obvious reasons.) He scores some real laughs.

The Chucky kills are creative, for sure, although a couple of them are marred by bad CGI. The movie goes off the rails by the time Jennifer Tilly shows up for the finale, but if you are a Chucky fan, you could do a lot worse than this.

Cult of Chucky is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, online sources and video on demand; it’s also streaming on Netflix.