Aaron Poole in The Void.

The Void is a throwback to John Carpenter/Clive Barker horror films that’s completely insane, horribly acted—and a whole lot of fun for anybody who likes their horror served up with a side of cheese.

A brash policeman (Aaron Poole) picks up a stranger on the side of the road and takes him to a sparsely populated hospital (shades of Halloween 2). While there, a possessed nurse (shades of Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness) murders a patient, then promptly turns into a messed-up monster (shades of Carpenter’s The Thing) while the hospital is besieged by a zombie-like throng of people dressed in white cloaks (shades of Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13). Shortly thereafter, the head doctor dies, but comes back, promptly skins himself and unleashes a world down below filled with mutants (shades of Barker’s Hellraiser).

That’s just some of the homages, and they all come together … to make little or no sense. Still, the style of the movie, which features schlocky special effects and both over- and under-acting, makes the whole mess work, in an effective horror-revival sort of way. If you hate horror films full of blood and puss in which skinless doctors are bellowing devilish incantations, this one isn’t for you. However, if you are a fan of the recent Stranger Things and the Carpenter fare of old, this one will satisfy you.

The Void is available via online sources including iTunes and Amazon.com.