Scott Garfield/Netflix
Sarah Baker and Zach Woods in Mascots. Credit: Scott Garfield/Netflix

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Director Christopher Guest, who hadn’t made a movie in nearly a decade, returns with Mascots, which is easily his worst. His usual acting corps (minus Eugene Levy) takes a crack at the world of mascots—and I can’t think of a dumber subject for a comedy. Much of the movie involves performers in full mascot suits doing competition routines that have nothing to them—other than eating up the running time.

There’s a laugh every now and then, but there are far more groans; the subject matter just doesn’t call for a full movie. Parker Posey has the film’s biggest laugh after eating bad sushi. It’s not a very big laugh, so that’s not saying much.

In a truly desperate move, Guest makes a cameo as his Waiting for Guffman character, Corky. That persona simply reminds us that this once very funny guy is now straining for laughs, Mel Brooks-style.

His improvisatory style has worked with better subjects (community theater, pet shows, folk music), but this one suggests that he may have run out of ideas. In many ways, Mascots rips off Best in Show, his pet-competition movie. This is just a less funny version of Best in Show with people dressed as pets rather than having real animals running around.

This is a tremendous waste of everybody’s time and should be removed from Netflix to make room for more shitty Adam Sandler movies.

Mascots is currently streaming on Netflix.