Natasha Lyonne in Antibirth.

If you are a fan of work by directors like David Cronenberg and Dario Argento, then you might be able to make it through Antibirth, a rather unpleasant horror-comedy.

A party girl (Natasha Lyonne) blacks out at a rambunctious gathering and finds herself going through pregnancy symptoms shortly thereafter. Those symptoms start with standard nausea and then advance to skin peeling off and teeth falling out; she eventually discovers there’s something well beyond standard procreation at play.

Chloe Sevigny co-stars as another low-class party girl for director Danny Perez, whose film gets progressively disgusting through the really, really gross birthing scene.

Argento and early Cronenberg were never my cup of tea; I just don’t get down with most body-horror scenarios. That said, this film will have an appeal to those who like their horror hard-core when it comes to the gore quotient. As for the story, it’s a muddled affair involving drug addicts, space aliens and Rosemary’s Baby-like setups.

Don’t watch this if you hated movies like The Human Centipede, Rabid and Deep Red. If that sort of extreme horror isn’t to your liking, this is liable to put you in a really bad mood.

Antibirth is available on demand and via online sources including iTunes and