Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood in Into the Forest.

A couple of great actresses elevate a merely decent script in Into the Forest, an apocalyptic thriller from writer-director Patricia Rozema.

Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood star as Nell and Eva, two sisters living with their dad (Callum Rennie) in their home deep in the forest. One routine evening, they are enjoying the luxuries of modern civilization when all of the power goes out. They react as people usually do when there’s a power outage: They bust out the flashlights and plan a trip for supplies.

A mishap involving a car battery delays their trip, and when they finally make it into town, they discover the city has been swept of food and gasoline—and there is no end to the power outage in sight. Situations develop that lead to the girls living on their own—and fending for themselves.

Page and Wood, two actresses who haven’t gotten many roles to match their talents lately, rip into this movie with everything they’ve got. Their work here is a major triumph, even though the movie feels a little routine at times.

Into the Forest is available via online sources including iTunes and Amazon.com.