An image from David Cross: Making America Great Again!

In his latest comedy special, Making America Great Again! on Netflix, David Cross takes a little more than 10 minutes to really get going.

When he gets going … holy shit!

This guy isn’t afraid of anything. He takes on Donald Trump, the pope and the Catholic Church, terrorists, etc., with a fearlessness that is actually kind of scary. I seriously worry about him getting his ass kicked in the parking lot.

Cross has long been one of my favorite standup comedians. I’d call this one of his weaker sets, but that’s just because his previous ones are so great. Cross on a mediocre night is much better than most standups on their best night, so be prepared to laugh. Also, be prepared to moan and cringe, because this guy goes to some pretty unthinkable places with his bits. His theory on why God allows children to die is, shall we say, a little on the controversial side.

Last year, Cross got back together with Bob Odenkirk for a sketch show that also aired on Netflix. It’s official: Netflix is a kickass source for a variety of consistently excellent original programming.