The late Anton Yelchin got one of the best roles of his career as Pat in Green Room, the nerve-shredding horror film from director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin).

Pat is a member of a punk band on the tail end of a lousy tour playing dive bars—and, ultimately, a skinhead bar—in the hopes of making enough money to get back home. That skinhead-bar gig pays the band members enough, but as they are heading out the door, they see something they shouldn’t—and mighty bad things happen.

Confined to the green room, the band ultimately confronts Darcy (Patrick Stewart), a tired, quiet, dangerous bar owner who can’t let the band go, even though they turned in a pretty good set. The confrontation that ensues is terrifying, bloody stuff.

Yelchin is his usual great self here, a fine role near the end of his fine career. Imogen Poots, Joe Cole and Alia Shawkat are all terrific in supporting roles.

Saulnier is the real deal. He’s put together a movie in which not a single second is wasted. His career is going to be fun to watch.

Anton Yelchin … it’s fucking awful that you are gone so soon.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The package includes small behind-the-scenes featurette and a commentary from Saulnier.