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Sexy-beast soul-singer Har Mar Superstar returned to the Pappy and Harriet’s stage for the third time last Saturday.

“This is one of my favorite places in the world,” said Sean Tillmann aka, Har Mar Superstar, to the audience. He’s touring to promote his new LP, Best Summer Ever, released by Cult Records—a label founded by Har Mar’s longtime friend Julian Casablancas, of The Strokes.

Opening for Har Mar Superstar was White Fang, fronted by Rikky Gage, who brought waggish stoner punk and was backed by some remarkable musicians. Body-confident Gage had no problems making onstage clothing changes through out his set as he sang about Bud Light—and being drunk. Catchy punk riffs had the audience moving as Rikky shared his love for tight white underwear.

Har Mar Superstar brought a six-piece band, to the delight of his supporters—including some female audience members who were absolutely fawning over Tillmann. The Minnesota-born crooner opened with “Prisoner of Love.” Har Mar Superstar reminded everyone he has a new LP out as he introduced “Youth Without Love” from Best Summer Ever.

Har Mar Superstar affirmed: “This place is magical, but no one has given me mushrooms yet—and I resent that.” His lack of mushrooms did not prevent him clinging to the concrete beam above the stage—steadying himself on a speaker monitor—as he sang his passionate melodies, staring into the eyes of the spectators in the front row.

Har Mar does not lack confidence: He declared, “We are really doing a bang up job,” as he introduced “Late Night Morning Light” from the album Bye Bye 17.

His set included “Don’t Make Me Hit You” and “Power Lunch.” After playing “It Was Only Dancing (Sex),” he praised his brass section, saying, “The saxophone is alive and well, motherfuckers!” and then adding: “… About those mushrooms?”

He glared into the crowd, perplexed that no one had provided him with what he wanted.

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