Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell in Mr. Right.

Yes, Mr. Right is yet another one of those hit-man comedies—but this one is pretty good, largely because it has Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick in it.

Actually, it’s good only because it has Rockwell and Kendrick in it. Kendrick plays a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend after catching him cheating. (She has a drunk-closet scene that is very funny.) Rockwell plays a hit-man who wears a clown nose, likes to dance when he kills, and usually kills those who hire him—because killing is wrong.

Of course, the two meet in a store and start an unorthodox relationship. They like the same sort of things, and both have the ability to catch knives thrown at their faces. She eventually finds out he kills people, and that sort of complicates things—yet they still give it a go.

The film covers stupid, well-worn territory, but the leads are good, and they pull the material through. Kendrick, who has been in a million movies lately (actually, she’s in six this year—not counting this one), has solid comedic chops; she should be a bigger star than she is. She also brings a bit of crazy, and it’s convincing. Rockwell is Rockwell, and I can think of nobody better to play a dancing hit-man.

Tim Roth shows up as the guy who trained Rockwell’s character. I have no idea what kind of accent Roth is doing at first … it’s sort of a Texan Christopher Walken kind of thing, and it sounds pretty annoying. However, he winds up having a pretty good reason for the weird accent, so it’s forgivable. Anson Mount plays a crime lord with anger issues, and he’s one of the funnier things in the movie.

The film is forgettable, but mildly enjoyable.

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