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What: The Sesame Chicken

Where: New Fortune Asian Cuisine, 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City

How much: $14.95

Contact: 760-770-2988

Why: It tastes like the Chinese food you’d get in SF or LA.

We usually keep things pretty positive here on the Indy Endorsement page—but before we return you to your regularly scheduled nice-things-to-say, we feel the need to snivel just a bit.

Man, does the Chinese food in this valley suck. I know there’s a void here, because every time I head for San Francisco or Los Angeles, one of my first stops for lunch or dinner is Chinatown.

Don’t get me wrong; there are a few Chinese food places here in the CV that are worthy, but there are more than a few whose continued existence makes me wonder: Who in the hell is paying money to eat this crap?

Well, thank goodness for New Fortune Asian Cuisine, located in Cathedral City: For my money, it’s the best freestanding Chinese-food joint in the valley that I have found thus far.

My go-to dish at New Fortune: sesame chicken. (Note to food purists: I know sesame chicken is not really a true Chinese-food dish, and is instead an Americanized Chinese-ish dish. However, that fact does not make it any less yummy when done right.) This sesame chicken is tender but not mushy, savory but not salty, and sweet without being cloying. In a word, it’s fantastic—on par with some of the better versions of the dish I’ve gotten in SF or LA.

The sesame chicken is not the only good thing about New Fortune. The service is friendly, and all of the food I’ve tried there has been between decent and (the aforementioned) fantastic. An endorsement within an endorsement: New Fortune’s war wonton soup is so good that you’ll want to order it even when it’s 113 degrees out.

When it comes to quality Chinese food, New Fortune is truly an oasis in this large and sandy desert.

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